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Long Term Relationships

Carter Stone & Company enjoys many long-term relationships with some of the financial community’s oldest and most prestigious firms.  We would encourage you or your senior human resources executive or C.E.O. to inquire about our references, which we will provide upon request.

A Revolution in Finance

In the past 25 years, the financial community has enjoyed unprecedented growth in investment management, mutual fund management, securities analysis, and investment banking trading in both fixed income and equity products. The continued “roll-out” of these products has created a need for specialized financial executives able to create management programs, which oversee these specialized products. We work with the visionaries who have led the revolution in finance, to find these highly skilled professionals.

Carter Stone & Company anticipated that there would be a “new world” in which financial institutions would change dramatically in their approach toward clients. Our clients understand the virtual supermarket, and can shop for sophisticated products, which in the past were only available to institutional buyers.

The Banks, Brokerage houses, Investment Managers, and Savings Institutions which Carter Stone & Company have served for so many years, understand structure, who needs to participate, and how to capture a client base, whether it be Retail Brokerage, Investment Banking, or M&A. These institutions are willing to go to the limit to find responsible, articulate thinkers who are able to put these new ideas to work.

Carter Stone & Company have created a niche by being able to find these cutting edge financial executives who have enjoyed unparalleled training in which millions of dollars have been spent, who have been trained in International Operations or as CFOs or COOs, and who have participated in bringing new business in the form of M&A or Credit driven products which would include Private Client group products or Private Banking products. Securities Analysis is one highly specialized profession in which only the best and brightest may participate.

Carter Stone & Company has provided those talented individuals to the “street” for decades, ranked analysts who are known throughout the industry as first in their class, and who are the subject of many articles in leading financial magazines and newspapers, including Institutional Investor, Euromoney, and The Wall Street Journal.

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