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Acceptance and Review

Carter Stone & Company will always spend extra time with our clients to talk about the assignment, and why the client needs to go “outside” for a specialist. Before the commencement of each search, Carter Stone & Company uses the unique approach of talking about real candidates, people who can do the job. The position may require experience in Investment Banking, M&A, Securities Analysis, Portfolio Management, Administration, Trading, Treasury functions, futures and regional Trust services.

Carter Stone & Company will know who the specialists are in the field, because we have worked in this small community for over 35 years. During our discussion with the client we build a prototype, and it has been our experience that clients gain confidence through this approach.

Carter Stone & Company does not accept an assignment until everyone agrees that the search will be seamless and successful.

The Difference

We work together as a team. The team creates a “meter” for the search. We execute each phase of the search with timing learned over many years. These assignments are not approached on a generalist basis, but with knowledge and historical perspective gained only after years of market experience and working closely with senior management. 

Carter Stone & Company started a database over 30 years ago, before such a practice was de rigueur. The data is updated daily using a proprietary program developed exclusively for Carter Stone & Company.

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